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Female - FCI Dutch Shepherd
Born: September 29th, 2023


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Semira's parents are DNA registered and thoroughly health tested (see their pages for more pictures and information).

Semira has been carefully socialized in many environments (day/night) including country farms around various livestock, inside the home/family environment around small children, in busy town centers around many people, vehicles, noises, and distractions, as well as in shopping centers on different floors/surfaces. She is not dominant with other dogs and is quite happy/sociable with other breeds of different ages and sizes (both male and female). She loves people and has very good "dog etiquette". 

She is clean and respectful in the home and is quiet and calm in her crate. She has her basic obedience and a reliable off-leash recall. She has been raised on a high-quality raw diet, and is fully vaccinated and regularly dewormed (Primo CHPPiL4 x3 + Rabies + Kennel Cough).

Available now with FCI Export Pedigree.


Semira is the daughter of:

Jet'li de la Cite des Maraudeurs

(Mac Khalahann's Entrax CACTR x2 & Mac Khalahann's Era BR / CACIB)


Nerdreaas Torborg Wapini von Folge

(Ch. Intl. Numenor Westernesse de la Terre des Flandres ChIB / VEDS


Ch. Intl. Istominov Iljinicna Wapini von Folge ChIB)

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