Nala du Val Coudray

FCI - Female Belgian Malinois
Daughter of:
"Furtif du Banc des Hermelles" (FR Ring Champion of France, 2015!)



Nala is on the costume, currently being deconditioned for security work. Baton/Pistol Fire/Distractions: OK

She is social, safe around children, and is full of potential. She possesses a lot of ball drive, and desire to work. She is a versatile dog, with top French pedigree.

French Ring, IPO Sport, Mondioring Sport, Police K9, Green Dog, Patrol K9, Search and Rescue Dog, Personal Protection Dog, Family Protection Dog

SIRET:  520 784 216 00019

TVA:  FR44520784216

EORI:  FR52078421600019